Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Supernaturally by Kiersten White Contest

So Kiersten White is having a contest! Just write your own synopsis of this book and that will enter you! Just go to her blog here: Click Here

Here's my Synopsis:

Evie has finally had the normal life. But is it really normal? Do you consider meeting dragons normal? Does having a half-serpent friend normal?

As she progresses throughout the days, she falls in love again. She met an already extinct creature.
They are called the Lizards— A reptile like human. But do they cause harm? Do they have good intentions? All Evie knows is that she is drawn to the Lizards and all of a sudden, she finds herself in love with one!

In this book, Evie will find out just how normal the normal world can be. 

Note: This isn't real OK?! this is just my personal synopsis! Enter her giveaway now!

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