Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Contest and Giveaways from other AWESOME Blogs!

So... Here y'all will find a list of Contest/Giveaways that's going on other blogs! So Enter to your liking! :)

Gripped Into Books Giveaway! Up to $10 book of your choice!

Word Bubbles Giveaway! (Includes: Starcrossed, Possession, and Miles from Ordinary! Enter now!

Bookchelle giveaway! : You can win The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter!

$10 Worth of book in Book Depository!  Enter now! Winners increases every 100 followers!

Stories & Sweeties 1010 Follower Giveaway! You'll win a mystery box that's loaded with Prizes! (YA books) Ends July 30

Summer Giveaway Hop @Esther's Ever After! You can win up to $11 worth of books that's released on 2011!

Short and Sweet 50 Follower giveaway! You can win books worth $10 from Book Depository!

Babbling Flow's ARC giveaway! You can win Mara and Shutout and other ARCS!

Don't forget to enter/comment/follow their AWESOME Blogs!

Note: Post will be updated if the contest ends and a new contest comes up.
And also, all the giveaways that I'll post here are international! :)

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