Sunday, October 3, 2010

Short story! hope you like it! :))

Alice and Serene were enjoying the night. They stayed up all night at Alice's house because her parents were not home due to her brother being at the hospital with a broken leg. Serene chatted on Facebook on her laptop while Alice did today's homework on their plain old PC. Serene sat on the study table in the computer room just left of the living room.  
"Hey! We were supposed to do our homework you know!", Alice said turning to Serene.
"Yeah, and my Mother told me that I was supposed to go to College...well too bad! not happening!", Serene backfired.
"You are such a slacker! Remind me why I even chose you as my best friend?"
"Because I"M AWESOME! and why do you even bother! all you have to do is research some Paranormal Creature and report it  to the whole class. Besides, I already have my monster."
"Oh really?! and what is it?"
"I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you!"
"Ha Ha! Very funny! anyway, look at what I've got!"
"What's that?" Serene said standing up and looking at Alice's PC.
"It's a Shadow creature that steals people away. It's like a kidnapper but with a more scare factor because they eat people's souls and after that burn the soulless body of the victim."
"Huh! Well that's soooo boring! and look at the name! What kind of Shadow creature calls themselves as the 'Shadow Creature'?! Yea! Soooo original!"
"They're actually called 'Shadow People'! But you're right it's not a great name."
"Hey Ali?"
"Yeah, Serrie?"
"I'm kinda hungry. Do you mind if you can grab some snacks for me?"
"No, not at all. I kinda need to get myself something  to drink too. I'll go for a can of sprite."
"Make that two please!" Serene said as Alice made her way through the kitchen.
She went to the kitchen and grabbed some chips and two cans of sprite. When she went back to the computer room, she gave Serene the chips and Sprite.
"Hey Serene, why did you turn off the monitor?"
"Huh? No I didn't maybe you did it without noticing."
Alice turned the monitor on and shrieked when she saw that the webpage changed and it contained a man that's like a shadow standing in the street with his hat concealing his face.
"Serrie! I hate you"
"Sorry! I just couldn't help it!", Serene said while laughing hysterically.
"Ugh! I hate you", Alice groaned.
After a few hours they decided that they should sleep because there's still class for tomorrow. Suddenly, there was a loud knock on thee door.
"Could you please get the door?", Alice said to Serene
Serene opened the lock of the door and opened it. The neighbor's lights were already turned off which means that all the people in the neighborhood are already sleeping. She saw a man standing on the front porch with his face concealed with a hat. He's wearing dark clothes with a black cape.
"Umm, do you need something?", Serene asked.
The man removed his hat and Serene screamed.
"I'm not going to fall for your trick again Serrie!" Alice said while turning off the computer.
Suddenly, Serene stopped screaming. it took at least five minutes before Alice called her.
"Serrie! Is it our neighbors?", Alice said wondering who would visit so late at night. "Serrie! Don't scare me!"
Alice went to the front door and saw that no one was there.. not even Serene.
"Serene! Whatever you're doing please stop now! I'm totally freaked out!"
Then Alice got a text message from Serene's number.
                                                You're nxt! 
Alice freaked out and closed the front door. she locked herself in her room trying to sleep the night off. She barely got through the night thinking of that text...

1 week  later...
Alice was walking back to home from school. She still haven't heard from her Serene and her parents are really worrying about their daughter. They called the 911 to find Serene. The police grilled Alice regarding the events on the night she disappeared. She told them the whole story and said that maybe it's just a prank. But she knows in herself that her best friend wouldn't go too far just to pull a prank on her. She walked past the trees and heard a sound... a loud stepping sound..... She quickened her steps but then stopped when she saw a hooded man that was wearing all black staring at her just across the street. There's no other people in sight and nervousness engulfed her. The man walked closer to her. She had a bad feeling about this man.
"What do you want?!" Alice said stepping back. But the man just kept on walking in her direction so she started to run. She managed to run a few steps before the man caught her by the wrist. She looked at the man and remembered about the 'Shadow People'. She tried to scream but then the man lowered his hood. When she saw the man's face, she was speechless. Because instead of a face, she just saw complete darkness. Then darkness consumed her then there was nothing.....
From this day, Alice was never found. Some say she ran away and some even said she was murdered. But one thing's for sure, She's not here anymore...